The success of an organization lies in its employees. The employees of an organization
represent their image. Employees are one of the most valued resources of any organization.
In today’s world getting the right candidate is one of the most strenuous tasks. It’s not
because that the right candidate is not available, but because the best candidates already
have a job in hand. Finding such a candidate for an individual recruiter or a team of recruiters
is not an easy task. The reason is not that they are not capable, but because finding such
candidates through the conventional means of job postings, advertisements, general
references is not a viable option. Today candidates might be interested in a change, but they
are not actively looking for a job. One needs to try and reach such candidates and convince
them and ensure that they are incentivized for the move. All this requires a great deal of
networking and convincing skills. All this is not easy for general HR or recruiters. So what’s the
way out?
Here is where the role of a recruitment agency comes in. In such circumstances hiring a
Recruitment Agency becomes inevitable as they are the best people to find the right
candidate. There are many ways in which a recruitment agency helps. Initially, one may not
realize, but a recruitment agency can benefit a lot. So what are the benefits of such a
recruitment agency or, how exactly do these recruiting agencies help?
Quicker Hiring
The first and foremost thing is the time taken to find the right candidate. Often, if not always,
we have seen that whenever there is a need for a candidate, it is mostly a sudden
requirement. This means that the turnaround time to find the right candidate is too less. In
such cases, a recruitment agency can help in a big way. A recruitment agency has the capacity
of providing the right candidate for any opening in the least time possible. So, how do they
do that? The answer is pretty simple. Instead of scanning through hundreds of not-so-worthy
applications or trying out to search for the passive profiles, a recruitment agency has a vast
network of talented candidates who have already been qualified basis their qualifications,
experience, interest levels, etc. So in other words, a recruitment agency already has a set of
candidates who are right in every sense for your job requirements. Thus, saving all the time
of first attracting and then finding out the top candidates. Hence, reducing the time taken to
Quality Hiring
Not to disregard the fact that finding a quality candidate is equally important. As discussed
above, a recruitment agency not only takes away the hassle of spending hours and not getting
anywhere but provides the best-fit candidate. There might be good candidates available, but
what a company looks forward to is not just good but the best candidate. The candidates
provided by the recruitment agency are high-quality candidates who are already carefully
assessed and vetted as per the client’s requirement. They have been already briefed about
the company’s terms and have indirectly agreed to them. So that once screened by the
company, there are no back-outs from the candidate’s side. The exposure of a recruitment
agency with candidates is highest as they are dealing with them daily. So the candidate
interviewed and approved as per their best-practice has the highest chances of getting hired

Hiring Specialization
There is no one-size-fits-all approach in recruitment. Even if a company has excellent in-house
recruitment teams, it is difficult for them to keep themselves updated or have the specialized
knowledge of the different kinds of positions from the various departments. One needs to
have a lot of time, resources, knowledge, and experience to strategize for the varied
requirements. For example, if there is an IT-related and a finance-related opening together,
it will be difficult for the recruiter to be well versed with the latest developments for both
segments. To know if the skill set is readily available or there is a shortage, it being a niche
skillset. What is the ‘going rate’ or the current salary benchmarking, On the other hand, a
good recruitment agency is well aware of all the technical know-how and the latest trends.
They are well updated on all the developments. They have valuable insights into the industry
or role they are hiring for. Their experience and expertise are not limited to any one kind of
industry or department. They are a huge pool of information. A recruitment agency is an
expert in candidate selection. Their recruiters are professionally trained, and their recruiting
techniques and vast experience make it possible for them to differentiate between a good
interviewee and genuine talent. Thus, it is rightly said that no one can replace or act as their

So, all in all, it means that considering hiring a recruitment agency for the job opening is a
great step. A recruitment agency has a deeper understanding of the job requirement, better
knowledge of the target candidates. One can benefit manifolds from the skill sets a
recruitment agency has and the valuable insights they provide. They have the capacity to hire
the best-suited candidate. So it is not wrong to say that there is no substitute for a
Recruitment Agency. That’s the reason hiring a Recruitment Agency is becoming increasingly
popular nowadays.