This past year has dramatically changed the world of work. Not only are organizations learning how to support employees who are juggling work and family in new ways, but they also need new ways to find great candidates. Working remotely is here to stay for many organizations and positions, which changes critical skill priorities and adds a new layer of complexity to finding the right fit for your organization. On-demand recruiting can help organizations meet these challenges as they look to backfill vacancies or grow.

To meet today’s challenges, you need some recruiting expertise, but can you afford to staff the experts you need? With more emphasis than ever on efficient effectiveness, you need the most cost-effective tools to get the expertise and support you need when you need it. On-demand recruiting can be the answer to supplementing your regular hiring efforts without the high-dollar overhead.

What is on-demand recruiting?

On-demand recruiting means hiring a service for the portion of the recruiting process you need for that hire. Since you’re hiring a service, rather than an individual, you have access to better coverage and a more varied skill set. You can pay based on an hourly rate or a project fee, depending on your needs and the service’s requirements.

On-demand recruiting gives you the strength of the experts without paying for services you don’t need. You can spend an hourly amount or a per-project fee for just the level of service you need and no more by hiring a service. This lets you outsource the hard work of finding an excellent fit for your organization and its needs. What are some of the advantages?

  • They are experts: Recruiting is what they do. Period. a service will have multiple people on staff dedicated to finding the right person for you. They can bring domain expertise and are adept at searching through profiles for passive candidates, so they can keep your attention focused on the best people.
  • They have established specialist networks: Especially helpful when you need to get someone hired quickly, on-demand recruiters already have established networks of potential candidates. They’re already in contact with people who are actively looking as well as high potential passive candidates. This means you don’t have to start with a cold search, and you can begin interviewing quickly.
  • They bring their technology: An applicant tracking system (ATS) can be expensive to implement but is super helpful in tracking applicants and the hiring process. On-demand recruiting services typically have their technology in-house that will help facilitate the hiring process for you and any other stakeholders that need to be involved in interviewing and decision-making.
  • They ask great questions: Unless you’re hiring for a specialized role, one of the critical challenges in recruiting is sifting through the many applicants. On-demand recruiters have the tools to zero in on the most promising candidates quickly. By asking great questions, they further narrow the field of potential candidates to those who have the right experience and be the best cultural fit. With thorough vetting, they’ll make sure you’re focused on the best potential hires.
  • They get started quickly: Using an on-demand service over a contractor means they have someone available to get started immediately. You can be reviewing qualified candidates in a matter of days.

It’s more than just recruiting.

An on-demand recruiting service can get you set up for success before your job is even posted. Attracting the best talent means you have to understand how the qualifications you’re looking for measure up. And, it would be best if you were sure your compensation offer is competitive. With so many more companies allowing remote work, the competition for strong talent is fierce. Besides providing support bringing in exceptional candidates, your on-demand recruiter can offer some valuable research and insights into hiring and salary trends.

When is a good time to consider on-demand recruiting?

  • You need a specialist or a specific skill set. If you work in an industry where domain expertise is essential (i.e., tech or healthcare), develop a relationship with an on-demand recruiter specializing in that area. Not only are they well-equipped to weed through resumes to find the right fit, but they have also developed networks of passive candidates or people who are actively looking.
  • You operate in a small business or start-up. When you run a lean ship, your HR team (or person) is likely pulling general duty, managing everything from compensation and benefits to employee development and retention. Already spread thin, they may have little time to dedicate to the hiring process. When you have a slim headcount, adding the right person is that much more critical and deserves undivided attention.
  • You’re recruiting for a new position and need some consulting to define the requirements and superior skills you need to achieve your goals. Maybe you know the objectives the role will need to perform, but you’re not sure how to translate that into a job spec. Use your on-demand recruiter to help define and develop the right criteria to get the best hire.

While there are many ways to get some additional lift when it comes to recruiting, on-demand recruiting gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Whether you need support identifying qualified candidates, screening, or you want help with the end-to-end process, on-demand recruiting gives you flexibility, expertise, and consent to meet your needs.

With the right people and services in place, you and your business can continue to meet new challenges. Be sure you’re ready and well-equipped to manage and grow through today’s (and tomorrow’s) hiring trends.