Many experts and analysts believe that 5G wireless technology will change the way that humans remain connected and interact with each other forever. Of course, there is still some skepticism regarding the technology, just like there is skepticism with any emerging technological trend. The same individuals may express concern about the rise of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT), for example.

In the United States alone, 5G technology might be adding over three million jobs to the economy fairly soon. What does this mean for how it will be implemented, or which companies benefit from its rise? We know that there will be more 5G jobs than ever soon – but will it involve a variety of roles? What skills will be valued when 5G recruiting becomes more mainstream? How do we understand which roles/skills will be more important?

Tower Climbers

If fifth-generation cellular wireless is going to become successful, there will need to be 5G towers installed everywhere. As a result, the tower climber job isn’t going anywhere in terms of demand – and they can expect some job stability thanks to the companies that will be investing in 5G infrastructure.

Human beings want to remain connected more than ever, and not just to other people – to devices. There will undoubtedly be a rush to recruit more tower climbers than ever before in the coming years. Of course, it should be noted that tower climbers do require certification. Entry-level tower climbers can expect to make somewhere around $40,000 a year.

Safety Professionals

There are so many regions of the world where manufacturing is a significant part of the GDP, and we all know that companies in all sorts of sectors (whether clothing or auto) rely on factores to create products that allow them to create a profit. 5G might transform the factory world – and it may even make it much more safer.

In the very near future, we might have factories where workers wear 5G-connected sensors that could stop them from working with heavy equipment if they are too sleepy.

For those in a safety career of some kind, understanding 5G might be the kind of competitive edge that can change your career path permanently. Of course, the fact that machines will be connected to 5G will also mean more automation, which could actually affect your job if you are a factory worker. However, if you are involved in safety regulation – understanding 5G technology should be a priority.

5G Engineers

Ultimately, there is one job that will be in demand for some time: the 5G engineer. If you are currently pursuing a career in engineering; there’s a good chance that you have already realized that you will need to, at the very least, understand the basics of 5G technology and how it can improve connectivity and productivity.

There will be a tremendous amount of demand for 5G engineers for all sorts of different reasons. There might be police departments that require a 5G engineer to help them ensure that their body cameras are streaming in real-time. That isn’t the only application, of course: auto companies will be hiring 5G engineers to make sure that their vehicles are compatible and connected.

There are telecom companies that will be searching for “hybrid” engineers, and the more open source software that you know – the more attractive that you will be as a job candidate. Is it possible to have a successful engineering career without caring or understanding much about 5G? Sure. However, you might be passing up an opportunity that can help secure your financial future for you and your family.


It is estimated that 5G might support as many as 22 million jobs around the world by 2025. It’s no secret how the dot-com boom ended up with many business failures, but no one could deny the fact that the Internet has forever changed human civilization. We might not quite yet understand how influential 5G will be – but governments and companies around the world appear to be not just interested, but directly invested.

5G engineers will undoubtedly be in demand for a long time to come. If you are a tower climber, you might be pleased to appreciate more job stability than usual. In addition, safety professionals should probably consider learning about 5G to appear more attractive in the labor market, as well.