When you think about the cosmetics industry, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? You might be thinking about the fact that it is so influence-driven, and that the right Instagram influencer can help a cosmetics business significantly. You might also understand the importance of the right marketing campaign, to make sure that certain demographics are interested in specific cosmetic products.

Of course, a company needs to have the right hiring process in order to succeed. There are many businesses that fail, only for the founders to realize that the way that they recruited and/or trained employees was flawed. Here are some things to remember for those recruiting in the business industry.

Find Passionate Employees

Every organization wants to hire passionate employees, whether it’s a passionate manager who understands how to lead a team, or a customer service representative that is passionate about what he/she is speaking about. If you are searching for employees that will help your company, find out whether they know about your brand, and their thoughts on it.

You might find that hiring employees that are deeply passionate about cosmetics can make a world of difference. With these representatives; their excitement is tangible to consumers, and it can help with upselling and/or conversion.

Check Social Media

Young pretty beauty blogger talking about cosmetic products recording new video for vlog

If you are passionate about cosmetics, there’s a good chance that some of your future employees might already be speaking about the industry. They might have started a YouTube channel detailing their skincare routine, or they might be a TikTok influencer that can help take your company to the next level.

While it isn’t the only factor, social media might lead to a hire that can help you exponentially. Of course, you can also find out whether they share similar values with the organization, or whether they would be a solid fit for your company culture.

Understanding Technical Skills

 You might need some more assurance than a bright personality or the fact that they are passionate about cosmetics. Your company should come up with a specific quiz to find out exactly what employees should understand because that could improve the overall customer experience.

Your organization should figure out the number of skills that are expected from each employee, and how they will help to improve operations. You might want to test out their skills with a specific model to find out how much they truly know about the beauty industry.

Staying In Tune With Trends

There’s nothing wrong with having a tremendous amount of knowledge in your field, but what about keeping up with trends that change constantly? We all know that the beauty industry can be fickle, so are you going to be hiring something that knows what’s popular, and why? What blogs do they follow? Do they understand which beauty influencers are more important than ever, and why? Which celebrities have more of an influence on the beauty industry than others.?

You might want to consider regional trends – as there is a big difference between hiring a stylist living in L.A. who might be up on the latest trends. In contrast, a young novice from a small town that might not be too familiar with which makeup companies are hot that year. Of course, the importance of keeping up with trends depends on your specific sector and niche.


The beauty industry isn’t just about hiring the right people: it’s about having the right product and having certain values. More job candidates are interested in ethics than ever before – so does your beauty company have certain standards when it comes to animal testing? Is your organization pivoting towards becoming more sustainable? If not, why is that not a priority?

You will find that hiring the best people often means telling the truth about your company and what you want to change about it. You should go out of your way to be upfront about what’s offered, what the role entails, and what’s important for your organization moving forward.


It can be extremely difficult to be successful in the cosmetics industry, and there might be a sudden shift where you find that you have to recruit more employees than ever. First and foremost, remember that you should be hiring people that are passionate about the space. Secondly, you should make sure that they are technically knowledgeable. If it seems like they are a solid fit for other employees, and understand modern beauty trends – you might decide that they are a great hire!