One of the most incredible things about the Internet is that it has allowed so many individuals to become entrepreneurs of their own. They may have set up an online clothing store that has turned successful thanks to a viral marketing campaign, for example. There are other eCommerce entrepreneurs that have been able to establish a large following, which has led to a book being published or even a movie being made.Of course, there are many people simply doing their best to stay in business, given the fact that Internet consumers can often be fickle and/or picky. Let’s say that your eCommerce business is growing significantly, and you realize that you will have to hire several employees to ensure that your customers are satisfied. How do you know how to recruit? How do you know whether you hired the right person? Should you emphasize experience, or potential?

Understanding Expectations

You can hire an individual from halfway across the world, and you might find that it’s a worthwhile hire. Of course, you may also find that they expect a much different pay rate. While it might be tempting to hire a virtual assistant for a few dollars an hour – the truth is that your expectations might not be met at all. You should go out of your way to make your expectations clear to ensure that you hire the right person.

You might want to learn more about their past work, and understand whether this role fits their qualifications. If you are upfront about the salary you are offering, it can often save a lot of time in terms of overall recruitment, as well

Vet The Right Marketers

If your eCommerce business is growing, it means that you have a solid business model. Of course, the next step is to make sure that more consumers know more about your business than ever. How do you know that you are hiring the right marketer? You should make sure to ask for past work or a portfolio when it comes to marketing professionals.

First and foremost, you should make sure that the marketer has some experience in your sector/industry. In addition, you should try to look for some real metrics or numbers that show that their strategies have worked out well for past clients.

It might not surprise you to find out that over 10% of eCommerce jobs available involve marketing in some form or fashion. You might want to insist on a phone call or a video meeting to make sure that your marketers see your vision, and have some constructive feedback regarding what may or may not be working.

Hire The Right IT People

It doesn’t matter what kind of business that you have: if it exists on the Internet, that means that it is vulnerable to a hack or data breach or some kind. How can you avoid this situation? After all, if your business is hacked – it’s not just about the money that you lost…it’s also about brand reputation. How can you make sure that you hire the right IT people to make sure that your business bounces back as soon as possible?

One way to make sure that you hire the right IT people is to insist on some kind of certification or qualification. There are many individuals that might be eager to apply to a job, and may even lie about their skillset in order to get hired. Of course, you want to hire someone who will go above and beyond to make sure that your business stays active and profitable. You should come up with a salary offer that reflects how important it is that your business be able to resolve IT issues at any given time.

Another factor to consider is the time difference. How will your business succeed if you hired an IT professional who lives across the world, and won’t wake up for 12 hours? You should consider hiring someone who will be available during business hours if you are serious about hiring the right IT professionals. You also might even want to run a background/criminal check on the individual applying, to make sure that your data is in the care of a capable professional.